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Plato Non-Slip Carpet Product Specifications

1) Fixed and safe floors with Non-Slip Base

Remove your old-fashioned carpet. Because you can now have a non-slip carpet in any color and model you wish, with infinite number of choices. Non-slip carpets are much more advantageous compared to old-fashioned carpets. Because they are manufactured with breakthrough methods, in the best complying way to the needs to consumers.

Non-slip carpets manufactured from polyester material has a strong floor grip thanks to polyester base and thus remove the possibility of slipping. You can walk safely without losing your balance while moving between your rooms and not bother to fix your slipped carpet.

2) Long Use With Non-Chipping and Non-Breaking Material

When used for many years, old-fashioned carpets begin to lose their strength due to heat changes in the house and carpet washing procedures. Chipping, sanding and breaks occur on the surface and especially on the base of some carpets. As for the non-slip carpets, due to the quality of materials used, do not chip, break or swell.

As long as you clean your non-slip carpet with suitable cleaning procedures, it can be used for long years without any damage both on the surface and on the base, despite ambient temperature changes.

3) Clean Floors with Anti-Odor Non-Slip Carpet

Non-slip carpets, contrary to old-fashioned carpets, do not create odors. Various hair types and/or threads used in old-fashioned carpets capture what moist or dusty environment bring and cause the creation of odor.

However, the polyester material which the non-slip carpets are manufactured from do not capture any odors resulting from external factors in the environment. External factors such as dust, moisture, odor, etc. are held on the surface and not allowed to penetrate to interior. Thus, the only thing you can do is to enjoy your odorless non-slip carpet.

4) Easy Cleaning Practical Material

If the non-slip carpets are sized for your washing machine's capacity, they can be washed in the machine up to 30 degrees temperature. Non-slip carpets are suitable for different washing techniques like old-fashioned carpets, as they are easily maintained products.

5) Anti-dust Surface and Non-Chipping Bases

Manufacturing of non-slip carpets from polyester material minimizes staining. Therefore, as there is no dusting, there are no chipping, breaking and staining by adhering on the floor, either. Like any other carpet, it is recommended that you protect your non-slip carpets against flames such as cigarettes, etc.