Plato Carpet About Us Plato Halı was founded on August 14, 2014 and is engaged in the manufacture of carpets (including tapestries) and rugs. Our company manufactures various types of textile floor coverings, including mats, runners and similar products. Our organization is a pioneer in the sector with many years of experience and expertise. We are driven by the mission to provide our customers with high quality, aesthetically pleasing and functional products. Our product range includes carpets, tapestries, mats and other textile floor coverings to suit a variety of styles, tastes and needs.


VİTRİN Traditional Style, Innovative Colors.

SOFT Elegance with Patterns, Vitality with Colors.

7 Million Dollar Investment from Plato Halı!
Plato Halı, yeni yatırımı ile birlikte kendisinin ve kaymaz halı üreticilerinin ihtiyacı olan halı kumaşını üreterek dışa bağımlılığı azalttı.

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